7th floor, Grand office center, Jamiyan Gun Str-128 UB-14240, Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia





Our Human Resource policy strongly promotes the team and output-based employees with positive attitudes and professional and continued development of individual staff through building a favorable environment for obtaining new knowledge and skills at the lifetime learning process.


Our Mission  

  • All support the intellectual development of Mongolian peoples 

  • Educate the high IQ man with an orderly mind

  • Publish social and environmentally friendly books and training tools 

  • No violence of human rights 


Values of the company 

  • Transparent  

  • Respective  

  • Creative thinking  

  • Team building  


Managing principles  

  • Adhere to the labor safety regulations 

  • Educate the employees with well and acceptable behaviors 

  • Promote the best and creative activities 

  • Keep the ethic morals