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Mongolian Intellectual Facility Center IQ, NGO has organized the Fall TS Testing every year starting from 2007-2008 Academic year to communicate the information supportive the intellectual education and thinking skills among the school students and recognize the children and youth with high IQ and certify the recognized IQ and thinking skills accordingly. 


This Olympiad is aimed at specific thinking skills, free of charge, among the students and the number of participants and performance achievements are increasing from year to years. It should note that the concrete changes and improvement are found in the thinking skills among the students. 

About 68,000 students at the nationwide level were successfully participated and tested in 12th Fall TS Testing during the 2019-2020 Academic year.

Fall testing and assessment results

Намрын сорилго дүн мэдээ 

Намрын сорилго 2018-2019 дүн үзэх